Rael names Ruler of Dubai Honorary Priest

26 mag, 2007
 Nessuno    Medio Oriente

The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, announced a few days ago that he will soon give $10 billion to set up an educational fund in the Middle East.


The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, announced a few days ago that he will soon give $10 billion to set up an educational fund in the Middle East. It is thought to be one of the largest charitable donations in history. For this exceptional commitment for better education in an area where 40% of women don’t have access to education, RAEL has named him “Honorary Priest” - a benevolent model for humanity. The Sheikh follows in similar footsteps as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, also named honorary Guides, for contributing so generously to education.

The Sheikh is yet another example of money being good, not bad. Traditional religions which teach that money is bad are wrong. One cannot help someone unless one has something to give – be it money, knowledge or love. 

The Prophet Rael has been teaching this for 34 years – that education is key to the new mankind and our entering a “Golden Age” in which science (knowledge) will serve humanity instead of people being at the service of power. This is why Rael has been starting many slogans like “Science is Love”, as it is science (knowledge) which alleviates hunger, disease and even death, while governments are speaking about “ethics” regarding things like stem cell research and cloning, yet killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

It is only through education that individuals, thus peoples and nations then the entire world can raise themselves and prosper in every way. Improving education improves every aspect of society. In fact, ignorance is even at the root of hunger, poverty and even violence. Governments and religions of the past have purposely kept the masses in ignorance for centuries. Even the advanced west has just starting to emerge from this sad practice which was always done so to maintain control over people. The royalty of England kept the masses from learning to read, as knowledge was considered dangerous. Clerics in many Mid East countries as well as China support the same thing even today.

It’s so great to see what sheikh Mohamed is starting in the Mid East! If the West has dominated the world thus far it is because of education. However, it is worth noting that the USA, once the center of knowledge, is falling far behind many other countries because of its return to mystical beliefs and a Bible which is full of violence. Budget cuts, huge spending for illegal wars, fundamentalist Christians trying to force Bibles into classrooms, “In God We Trust” on currency, even the US military having to be watched very closely in order to not favor one religion over another – all these things and more are changing the face of the world and the US will pay the price in the near future for losing sight of how it became so great.
Imagine the day in the near future when, thanks to education, science and enlightenment instead of following every letter of ancient religious texts filled with violence, all of mankind will be given a healthy, equal, full, well rounded education – free of mysticism, free of prejudice, free of violence. We will no longer live darkness, mysticism and suffering but in light and equality.

We always invite our readers here to download Intelligent Design and read for themselves the clear and revolutionary messages given to Rael by the Ones who created all life on Earth, the Elohim. Who better to know the past, present and future of humanity than Those who designed us and are so much hoping we will make it through this last phase of humanity’s development?
Ricky Roehr
US National Guide