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Descrizione In this issue, Maitreya's words:


1. TV Broadcast “ le Grand Échiquier ”
2. Excerpt of the first Apocalypse
3. First meeting in Clermont Ferrand, France
4. The Guides will have to be living examples
5. About ecology
6. The early days of the Canadian Raelian Movement
7. Commanding respect
8. To be Raelian in year 33 is to be efficient
9. Living is about taking risks !
10. The Embassy in Palestine
11. The meaning of the first Sunday of April celebration revealed
12. Modern inquisition
13. The end of self-colonization
14. For a world peacekeeping army and global education without fanaticism
15. Madonna Honorary Guide
16. The world is sick from a lack of spirituality
17. In the crater of the Puy de Lassolas on the 20th anniversary
18. The Raelians’ mission
19. Proud to be Raelians
20. Of the superiority of donkeys
21. Let us thank our enemies
22. The revelation - You are part of the plan of the Elohim
23. I want us to laugh, I want us to sing
24. Of the beauty of sacrifice
25. Read and re-read the Elohim’s message
26. Year of internet
27. Let’s the dead bury the dead
28. Rael’s speech at the American Congress
29. Rael in Brazzaville - M’Foa, Kama
30. Interview by a New York Times fashion journalist
31. Celebration of the creation
32. Consciousness is in the creation of life
33. 2004, year of Atheism
34. Nudity & spirituality (Playboy)
35. Is the universe friendly?
36. Women, don’t let yourself colonized!
37. We have a political role to play in Africa
38. Clitoraid is started
39. The year of the protection of the Elohim’s creation
40. Art is the heart of the creation
41. The main quality of a guide is their joy of life
42. Protect ourselves to prevent a return to the Middle Ages
43. The Official Raelian Symbol Gets its Swastika Back
44. GoTopless foundation
45. You are special, you are the shepherds
46. Assessment of the fifty years of independence in Kama
47. Back to Kama
48. Maitreya launches a new political system : The Paradism
49. The light of the Messages
50. Clarification from Rael about slanders related to the book of Jean Sendy
51. Korindo’s inauguration
52. Our mission is to promote atheism
53. A World Revolution
54. Messager of Infinity 1
55. We don’t need governments, cooperation is the future of Humanity
56. Fukushima is the result of Overpopulation
57. Life is dangerous
58. The wind of the message
59. Make sure this place is as beautiful when you die as it was when you were born
60. A tsunami of love
61. Protect the creation of the Elohim
62. Rael launches “ one minute for peace ”meditation
63. Peace wins
64. Without God, we are much happier
65. Our mission is infinite
66. Intelligent Design is the only explanation of the origin of life on Earth
67. Why the Elohim want to come back
68. ElohimLeaks - Introduction
69. An infinite connection of computers
70. GoTopless
71. Peace is Your Responsibility!
72. The 0.0001 % of Humanity
73. What we need most
74. The Zoo in You
75. How to build your immune system
76. No to anti-Covid vaccine
77. We are now entering the Raelian Era
78. The freedom of choice is the most beautiful gift of the Elohim
79. Love must Guide our Life
80. The Eye of Cain
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